Marie Rose H. Morales, M.S.

Assistant Professor


Personality and Individual Differences

Research Interests

Cultural and Indigenous Concepts Related to Psychology, Test Development, Wellness/Well-being (and Positive Psychology in general), Intelligence, Creativity (Personality, Process, and Product), Emotion, Psychological Assessment (Clinical and non-clinical)


Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (Major in Personality and Minor in Social Psychology), Ph.D. Candidate, University of the Philippines – Diliman

Master of Science in Psychology major in Clinical Psychology, De La Salle University

Bachelor of Science major in Psychology, De La Salle University

Selected Publications

Morales, M.R. (2017). Defining diskarte: Exploring cognitive processes, personality traits, and social constraints in creative problem-solving. Philippine Journal of Psychology, 50(2).

Morales, M.R. (2015). The necessity of negative affect? The role of rumination in creative writing. Unpublished manuscript.

Morales, M.R., & Garo-Santiago, M.A. (2014). Examining Poverty Among Filipino Youth Using Pathways-to-Development and Intervention Approaches to Risk and Positive Outcomes. Unpublished manuscript.

Professional Associations

Registered Psychologist (2015 to Present), Psychological Association of the Philippines

Affiliate (2010 to 2014), Psychological Association of the Philippines

Awards and Recognition

Certificate of Distinction for placing 2nd in the July 2015 Psychologist Licensure Exam, Philippine Regulatory Commission

Other Work Experience

Psychologist (2015 to Present), Capitol Medical Center

Volunteer Child Psychotherapist (2010 to Present), Sunflower on the Hill, Bukal ng Tipan


International Conferences

Santos, H.C., Yujuico, I.C., & Morales, M.R. (2013, August).The Socialization of Filipino Youth in the Family: Relating with others and thinking about the self. Paper presented at the biennial conference of the Asian Association of Social Psychologists, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Amarnani, R., Morales, M.R., Sta. Maria, M. (2013, August). Split prosociality in Filipino adolescent development: Evidence for a cultural hypothesis on relational distance. Paper presented at the biennial conference of the Asian Association of Social Psychologists, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Local Conferences

Santos, H.C., Morales, M.R., & Yujuico, I.C. (2015, August). Work for Life: Context contributors of resilience among Manila out-of-school youth. Paper presented at the 11th Biennial AASP Conference and 52nd PAP Annual Conference, Cebu City, Cebu.

Morales, M.R. (2011, September).What objectivity? The presentation of news in Philippine mass media. Paper presented at the 4th DLSU Arts Congress held in Manila, Philippines.